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Welcome to Agape Off Grid Solar


Here you’ll find pictures of D.I.Y… projects completed by our customers and by Agape Development and Design.

These pictures are here for product use ideas, installation ideas and examples of the products we offer in use.

Agape Off-Grid Solar Customer? Submit your job pics HERE.

After review, we’ll add them to the top of the pics below.

DIY tilt mount system was our first off-grid solar project.
Single Panel Tilt Mount Array – Fresno CA 2015
Aims Power 10 amp charge controller for a automatic gate system
Single Panel 10 Amp Charge Controller – Clovis CA
DIY fence post and rail rack system for 2 banks of 9 solar panels.
18 panels on D.I.Y……… Fence Post Mount System – Dunlap CA
Aims Power 275 watt solar panels on ground mount rack with concrete footings
Footings, Ground Mount Rack, Panels & Wiring by Agape Development – Squaw Valley CA
Aims Power Center with 2 80 amp charge controllers, 3 lithium 48 volt batteries and a 12 kw inverter.
Charge Controllers, Lithium Batteries & 12 Kw 48 v Inverter – Squaw Valley CA
Aims Off-Grid System with 50 amp breaker panel, battery storage box.
System With AC Breaker Panel & Battery Storage Box – 3 Rivers CA