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S-5! RibBracket III


The RibBracket is the perfect attachment solution for specific North American trapezoidal, exposed-fastened metal roofs.  These profiles are commonly referred to as R-Panel or PBR-Panel.

Mount HVAC, walkways, snow guards, railed PV systems and more to your metal roof. You can also pair this metal roof bracket with the S-5-PVKIT® for rail-less (direct-attach™) solar PV mounting. When additional height is desired with the S-5-PVKIT, use RibBracket III.

With the RibBracket, there are no messy sealants to apply. The factory-applied, EPDM rubber gasket weatherproofs and makes installation easy. The reservoir conceals EPDM from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracking.


  • Use on common North American exposed-fastened, trapezoidal-rib roof profiles
  • Slotted top hole accommodates standard M8 nuts and bolts
  • Stainless-capped, self-piercing screws specifically designed to maximize holding strength and prevent swarf; EPDM sealing washer
  • Sheeting-only attachment can be placed anywhere along roof ribs
  • 4 self-piercing screws and 1 M8 nut included
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions2.59 × 2.61 × 1.75 in


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