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190 Watt Solar. 800 Watt inverter. 100 amps of battery power and 30 amp charge controller. Ideal for small pumps, lights and motors up to 6.5 amps. Perfect for off grid locations needing power for short periods of time using only solar to recharge. Solar panel keep a trickle charge on the battery with sunlight and will recharge a battery at 50% depletion in <3 hours in full sun. Add more panels for a faster charge.


  • Easy to connect and use
  • Works with small devices up to 800 watts/ 6.5 AC amps
  • Ideal for any small equipment that needs off grid power
  • Total panel dimensions are 5ft x 2ft which fits perfect on top of a RV, Bus or work truck
  • Everything needed is included

*The solar panel will recharge a 50% depleted 100 amp battery in @4 hours with full sunlight.*


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This solar kit includes:


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