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Power Inverters

Pure Sine Inverters

The higher-end pure sine inverters can be used with modern electronics, in addition to all kinds of appliances. The 2,000-watt 48 VDC to 120 VDC power inverter charger with a 6,000-watt surge can power a refrigerator, microwave or small air conditioner. The 8,000-, 10,000- or 12,000-watt pure sine inverter charger with a split phase output can be used as an emergency backup power system for a business or home. Depending on the model, features may include direct-connect terminal block, over-temperature protection, dual thermally-controlled fans, marine-coated boards, split-phase functionality for international operation, auto generator start mode and multi-stage smart charger. Remote LCD panel and battery temperature sensor are available on certain models.

Inverter Chargers

We have a large selection of inverter chargers available, from personal off-the-grid use to industrial grade back-up systems for large businesses. At one end is the 600-watt pure sine inverter charger that combines an inverter, battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch into a single unit. For large homes, farms and businesses, we offer 30KW to 200KW three-phase pure sine power inverter chargers that can be used with solar, hydro, wind and deep cycle batteries. They have features such as LCD display monitoring, adjustable voltages, AC bypass input function and low idle consumption.

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