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4/0 AWG Cables

When you’re setting up a large off-grid power system, you don’t just need inverters and batteries that are up to the task. You need cables that are as well. A set of 4/0 AWG inverter wires are the highest-capacity cables available at Agape Off-Grid Solar. The larger diameter of the copper wires allows them to transfer 445 amps of current across short distances. As such, our 4/0 gauge battery cables can be used on inverters up to 5,000 watts with any voltage rating. And it also gives them built-in surge protection on smaller inverters!

All of our UL 758 certified 4/0 AWG cables are built to last as long as your backup power system does. Maybe longer. The flame-retardant polyvinyl chloride wire jacket also protects against moisture, impacts, diesel fuel and other hazards. This jacket is also RT4 rated for flexibility, meaning you can bend and wrap it as needed to fit in tight spaces. And the wire is tested for up to 600 volts – that’s the equivalent of 12 48-volt batteries!