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Wires Cables & Fuses

In order to get most out of your power system, you need good cables to connect everything together. Agape Off-Grid Solar has a large selection of electronic cables and wires that will bring your power inverters and lithium batteries to life. All of our AWG-rated wires are UL Listed and use high-quality copper that will carry current where it needs to go so your lights, computers, dishwashers, printers and other electronic devices will stay running.

We stock UL-listed power inverter cables in several thicknesses for different setups. Use 12 AWG 3-wire AC cable for long runs, 4 AWG cables for terminal blocks on large job sites and 10 AWG wires for solar panels. We also have short battery jumper cables for connecting, charging or lead hook-ups. These tough cables are flame-, moisture-, abrasion- and oil-resistant, yet are very flexible so you can maneuver them easily. They can also be ordered with bare ends or pre-terminated with small or large lugs.

Agape Off-Grid Solar also carries a full collection of inline fuses for your inverter setup. These inexpensive add-ons are a simple way to protect batteries from overheating and ground fault fires. Pick up fuses and inline fuse kits in half a dozen amperage ratings and improve safety by installing them as part of the battery bank for your home, garage, RV or job site. If you’re going solar, we have bulk rolls of outdoor solar panel wire so you can place your equipment where it’s most convenient.

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