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Medium Solar Kits

Top-Quality Medium-Sized Solar Panel Kits

When it comes to finding the right solar setup for your home or business, you have to find something that’s large enough to power your large devices and appliances, including fans, pumps, compressors and electronics, but doesn’t require a complicated setup or draw too much extra energy. Agape Off-Grid Solar recommends our medium solar panel kits for these applications, especially if you’re looking for medium powering configurations for smaller homes, cabins, RVs and boats, or for backup power for your home or small business.

The Best Medium Solar Kits

We generally recommend our 1650- and 720-watt solar panel kits for your medium energy applications. Both options come with six solar panels and can be ordered in different configurations with solar charge controllers, mount racks and inverters if needed. We recommend these kits for off-grid backup power systems, as starter kits in your medium-needs environment or to add onto existing solar systems. All of our solar panel kits can be customized with different extras such as cables, connectors and solar racks, so you get the perfect option for your specific needs.

Both our 720-watt and 1650-watt solar panel kits can be ordered in bundles that contain pure sine power inverters. These versatile inverters are safe for all electronics, including sensitive electronics, and run quietly and efficiently for many years to come. You may also order your medium solar kit without an inverter if you already have one and you’d like a quick-setup option that uses the equipment you already own. Agape Off-Grid Solar also offers solar kits in small, large and extra-large options to meet your specific needs and budget, so be sure to shop our complete selection if you don’t see something here that’s right for your project.