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Large Solar Kits

Large Solar Kits for Homes and Businesses

When you’re determining your solar power needs, you have to consider three factors primarily: how much energy you generally use per month, the percentage of that you’d like to offset with solar and where you live, which determines how much sun your panels can harvest. If you find that, once you’ve done the math, your needs require a higher wattage – somewhere between 720 and 3300 watts – then you should pick from this selection of large solar kits from Agape Off-Grid Solar. Our solar panel bundles come with the right number of solar panels, batteries, cables and more for many large solar configurations.

Top-Notch Large Solar Power Kits

Each of these kits contain between six and 12 solar panels to suit a wide range of environments and needs. Our six-panel solar bundles come in both 1650- and 720-watt options, perfect for use as a starter kit in your medium to large home, cabin or RV, or to add onto your existing solar system. Our 12-panel solar bundles (3300 watts) are much better suited to large off-grid powering needs, like an entire home or even a small business. Our larger solar kits come with 6,000-12,000-watt pure sine power inverters, so you can further tailor yours to your unique energy needs.

You’ll also find options that come with many of the necessary extras you need to set your system up quickly and securely, including solar panel cables, fuse kits, branch connectors, batteries, mounting racks and solar charge controllers. Once you determine which size kit is best for your needs, you can further customize your bundle by adding extras such as LCD remotes, disconnect switches, extra racks, cables and more. Agape Off-Grid Solar offers free shipping in the contiguous United States on many of our all-in-one solar panel kits!