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About Us:

This is who we are: agapeoffgrid.com.

Tom Bludau, owner

I started out as a general contractor in 1989. We started out in remodels and decks. Then, in 2004 I started specializing in fireplaces. I opened a big retail store on Blackstone Ave, in Fresno in 2007. After that, in 2012, I moved my store to Clovis CA. I continued to compete with the large fireplace stores in town. Then in 2015, I installed solar on my 5th wheel and that began a new journey for me. Installing fireplaces and hot tubs required a lot of electrical work. Making the jump to solar power is just another type of electrical work.

Beginning in 2014, I started researching off-grid solar systems for RV’s and small homes. As a result of many off grid solar jobs, my experience and knowledge increased. This allowed me to start selling and installing non-grid tie or off-grid systems in rural areas.

Today, I am proud to announce that I am now an Aims Power Dealer.

We can now sell everything from small systems, portable systems to large systems big enough for most homes or businesses. This is who we are now!

Because we do work remotely, we are only at the warehouse for loading and unloading trucks.